Aircel 2g 3g gprs pocket internet pack list for AndhraPradesh 2017 2018[with activation code]


1.525 MB Free
Facebook Access  (2G/3G)^
5 Days*121*11#
2.720MB 3G/2G Data1 Day*121*700#
3.14150MB 2G Data3 Days*121*1400#
4.1760 MB 3G/2G limited Data2 Days*121*1700#
5.22150 MB Data7 Days*121*22#
6.24125MB 3G/2G Data5 Days*121*2400#
7.27200 MB 2G Data5 Days*121*2700#
8.37225 MB 3G/2G limited Data5 Days*121*3700#
9.48275 to 550MB 3G/2G limited Data7 Days*121*4800#
10.54125MB 3G/2G Data30 DaysNA
11.67350 MB 3G/2G Data10 Days*121*6700#
12.77450MB Limited DATA10 Days*121*7700#
13.88500MB 3G/2G DATA15 Days*121*88#
14.97750 MB 2G Data21 Days*121*9700#
15.981 GB 3G/2G limited Data3 Days*121*9800#
16.128650 MB 3G/2G Data15 Days*121*12800#
17.1481 GB unlimited 2G Data30 Days*121*14800#
18.1551GB 3G/2G Data21 Days*121*15500#
19.158500 MB 3G Data + 1 GB 2G Data (speed throttled 64 Kbps)30 Days*121*15800#
20.19320 % More Web Exclusive High Speed data – 1.5 GB 2G/3G Data28 DaysNA
21.1971.2 GB 3G/2G unlimited DATA30 Days*121*19700#
22.2512 GB Data60 DaysNA
23.2551.75 GB 3G/2G unlimited Data30 Days*121*25500#
24.2972.5 GB 3G/2G Unlimited Data30 Days*121*29700#
25.39320 % More Web Exclusive High Speed Unlimited data – 2.4 GB 2G/3G Data28 DaysNA
26.3974GB 3G/2G DATA30 DaysNA
27.3992 GB unlimited 3G/2G Data30 Days*121*39900#
28.4554.5GB UNLTD 3G/2G Internet90 Days*121*45500#
29.69320 % More Web Exclusive High Speed Unlimited data – 7.2 GB 2G/3G Data28 DaysNA
30.6977GB 3G/2G Data30 DaysNA
31.99320 % More Web Exclusive High Speed Unlimited data – 12 GB 2G/3G Data28 DaysNA
32.99712GB 3G/2G Data30 DaysNA

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