Aircel latest 2G and 3G gprs plan Bihar Jharkhand 2017 2018

Aircel 2g and 3g internet pack for Bihar Jharkhand 2017 2018

1.210MB (3G/2G) daily @ Rs2 per day (autorenewal) till 32 days. Available on USSD. Activation String: *121*64#. De-activation string: *121*064#1 Day*121*64#
2.840MB 2G/3G Data Free1 Day*121*800#
3.1475MB 2G/3G Data Free3 Days*121*14#
4.23120MB 2G/3G Data Free3 Days*121*2300#
5.28175MB 2G/3G Data Free4 Days*121*28#
6.39250MB 2G/3G Data Free7 Days*121*3900#
7.491 MB 2G/3G Data Free7 DaysNA
8.67500MB 2G/3G Data Free5 Days*121*6700#
9.1551GB 2G/3G Data Free20 Days*121*0155#
10.1751GB 2G/3G Data Free25 Days*121*17500#
11.1971GB 2G/3G Data Free30 Days
12.1981.2GB 2G/3G Data Free30 Days*121*19800#
13.2251.5GB 2G/3G Data Free30 Days
14.2551 GB 3G Data + Unlimited Local A2A + 25000 Seconds (Local & National)28 Days
15.2752GB 2G/3G Data Free28 Days*121*0275#
16.3952GB 3G (6AM to 12 AM) & 4GB 3G (12 AM to 6 AM)28 Days
17.3993GB 2G/3G Data Free28 Days*121*39900#
18.6976GB 2G/3G Data Free28 Days*121*69700#
19.99710GB 2G/3G Data Free28 Days*121*99700#
20.139715GB 2G/3G Data Free28 Days

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14 Responses

  1. gheyas says:

    Which one useful 2g for us

  2. Ramashankar Mishra Patna says:

    128/- ka net pack complete work nahi karta

  3. Om prakash says:

    give me regular aircel unlimited 2g and 3g data plans.

  4. vinay kumar singh says:

    aircel not give unlimited downloading and browsing on 28 rc. net speed is also very slow in byte.and if we rc 8 net download very fast why

  5. MD.Home says:

    49 ka USSD sab say bakar hi

  6. Alok Divya says:

    Sir,plese tell me all detail about 2g internet pack of rs 28 in aircel in bihar region also tell me about it’s downloading speed

  7. vikash kumar says:

    aircel is chating with customer

  8. prakash kapoor says:

    28 data plan very slowly his speed only 1 kbps. in 2 g but 3g goo

  9. kumar chandra shekhar says:

    Rs 49 ka recharge per 1gb ka benifit milta hai.

  10. Md wasim khan says:

    Aircel 128 data plan working slowly his speed only 1 kbps

  11. Shaan says:

    128 Gprs plan does;nt gives me 2Gb data. it gives only 1Gb data plan.

  12. Shaan says:

    128 GPRS plan does’nt give me 2gb data plan. it gives only 1gb data

  13. kshitij says:

    ?28 gprs plan gave me only 150mb 3g data and 250mb 2g data…..

  14. Nikhil says:

    The Rs. 28 GPRS plan doesn’t give me unlimited browsing & downloading, instead it gives 150MB 3g data and 250MB 2G data

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