aircel new 2g and 3g gprs packs/pocket internet plans for tamilnadu 2014-2015

Aircel 2g and 3g plans for tamilnadu expect chennai 2015
1525 MB Data free1 days
2825 MB Data free1 days
31450 MB  at 1 paise per 40 Kb28 days
417100 MB Data free3 days
525200 MB Data free5 days
629100 MB Data free3 days
737200 MB Data free28 days
843*150 MB Data free7 days
947*300 MB Data free10 days
1067500 MB Data free2 days
1198500 MB Data free14 days
121011 GB Data free5 days
13128650 MB Data free14 days
141481 GB 2G Data free28 days
15195Unlimited (2 GB FUP)28 days
161981.5 GB Data free28 days
172551.25 GB Data free28 days
18399Unlimited (2 GB FUP)28 days
19697Unlimited (5 GB FUP)28 days
206994 GB Data free90 days
21997Unlimited (10 GB FUP)28 days
221397Unlimited (15 GB FUP)28 days

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