Airtel 2g 3g unlimited gprs internet pack for Rajasthan 2017 2018

2g 3g gprs pack for rajasthan 2017 2018
1520 MB – 2G Data free1 Days
2735 MB – 2G Data free1 Days
31130 MB – 3G Data free1 Days
419100 MB Data free2 Days
52165 MB Data free2 Days
625125 MB Data free4 Days
732160_MB – 2G Data free5 Days
837Facebook 200 MB FB28 days
946150 MB Data free4 Days
1056280_MB – 2G Data free8 Days
1162200MB 3G Data free30 days
1267200 MB WhatsApp  and  350 Local/National SMS28 days
1391250_MB – 3G Data free20 Days
1498500_MB – 2G Data free14 Days
15103300 MB Data free14 Days
16125625 MB data free18 Days
17141500 MB – 3G Data free21 Days
18155525_MB – 2G Data free28 Days
191751024_MB – 2G Data free28 Days
20179524 MB 3G Data free28 Days
21196650 MB Data free28 Days
22199Unlimited – 2G, speed after 1.25GB  at 40kbps28 Days
23249Unlimited – 2G, speed after 3GB  at 40kbps28 Days
242551_GB – 3G Data free28 Days
252851GB 3G  and  200MB Facbebook28 days
264552_GB – 3G Data free28 Days
27655Unlimited – 3G, speed after 3GB  at 80kbps28 Days
28755Unlimited – 3G, speed after 4GB  at 80kbps28 Days
29855Unlimited – 3G, speed after 5GB  at 80kbps28 Days
30951Unlimited – 3G, speed after 6GB  at 80kbps28 Days
311255Unlimited – 3G, speed after 9GB  at 80kbps28 Days
32150510GB Limited – 3G Data free28 Days
331555Unlimited – 3G, speed after 12GB  at 80kbps28 Days

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  1. prem saraswat says:

    Best internet in rajasthan airtel good speed for roam across india 9829293053

  2. OMKAR says:

    hi this is omkar, please suggest me any trick for bokaro-jharkhand area

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