Airtel full talktime and extra talktime today for Mumbai 2017 2018


110Talktime Rs. 7.73Unlimited
220Talktime Rs. 15.47Unlimited
330Talktime Rs. 23.2Unlimited
450Talktime Rs. 40.67Unlimited
560Talktime Rs 49.4Unlimited
670Talktime Rs. 58.14Unlimited
7100Talktime Rs. 84.34Unlimited
8120Talktime Rs. 101.8Unlimited
9130Talktime Rs. 110.54Unlimited
10140Talktime Rs. 119.27Unlimited
11150Talktime Rs. 128Unlimited
12160Talktime Rs. 136.74Unlimited
13170Talktime Rs. 145.47Unlimited
14180Talktime of Rs 154.21Unlimited
15200Full Talktime Rs. 200Unlimited
16250Full Talktime Rs. 250Unlimited
17300Full Talktime Rs. 300Unlimited
18350Full Talktime Rs. 350Unlimited
19390Full Talktime Rs. 390Unlimited
20400Full Talktime Rs. 400Unlimited
21500Full Talktime Rs. 500Unlimited
22550Full Talktime Rs. 550Unlimited
23750Full Talktime Rs 750Unlimited
241000Full Talktime Rs 1000Unlimited
251500Full Talktime Rs 1500Unlimited
262000Full Talktime Rs 2000Unlimited
273000Full Talktime Rs 3000Unlimited

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