Airtel full talktime details for delhi 2017 2018


110Rs 7.73 TalktimeUnlimited
220Rs 15.47 TalktimeUnlimited
330Rs 23.2 TalktimeUnlimited
440Rs 31.93 TalktimeUnlimited
550Rs 40.67 TalktimeUnlimited
660Rs 49.4 TalktimeUnlimited
770Rs 58.14 TalktimeUnlimited
880Rs 66.87 TalktimeUnlimited
990Rs 75.6 TalktimeUnlimited
10100Rs 84.34 TalktimeUnlimited
11110Rs 93.07 TalktimeUnlimited
12120Rs 101.8 TalktimeUnlimited
13130Rs 110.54 TalktimeUnlimited
14140Rs 119.27 TalktimeUnlimited
15150Rs 128 TalktimeUnlimited
16160Rs 136.74 TalktimeUnlimited
17170Rs 145.47 TalktimeUnlimited
18180Rs 154.21 TalktimeUnlimited
19190Rs 162.94 TalktimeUnlimited
20200Rs 171.67 TalktimeUnlimited
21210Rs 180.41 TalktimeUnlimited
22220Rs 189.14 TalktimeUnlimited
23230Rs 197.87 TalktimeUnlimited
24240Rs 206.61 TalktimeUnlimited
25250RS 250 TalktimeUnlimited
26260.RS 260 TalktimeUnlimited
27270Rs 232.81 TalktimeUnlimited
28280Rs 241.54 TalktimeUnlimited
29300Talktime Rs. 300Unlimited
30340Talktime Rs. 340Unlimited
31350Talktime Rs. 350Unlimited
32360Talktime Rs. 360Unlimited
33390Talktime Rs. 390Unlimited
34500Talktime Rs. 500Unlimited
35510Talktime Rs. 510Unlimited
36550Talktime Rs. 550Unlimited
37650Talktime Rs. 650Unlimited
38700Talktime Rs. 700Unlimited
39750Talktime Rs. 750Unlimited
40800Talktime Rs. 800Unlimited
41850Talktime Rs. 850Unlimited
42900Talktime Rs. 900Unlimited
43950Talktime Rs. 950Unlimited
44990Rs 861.63 TalktimeUnlimited
451000Talktime Rs. 1000Unlimited
461050Talktime Rs. 1050Unlimited
471100Talktime Rs. 1100Unlimited
481150Talktime Rs. 1150Unlimited
491200Talktime Rs. 1200Unlimited

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  1. Sanjeev says:

    Looking for Airtel ke 50-100 Rs. Ke full talk time offers with unlimited validity

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