Airtel prepaid 2g and 3g internet gprs pack list for Madhya Pradesh & chattisgarh 2015

11890 MB of 2G Internet3 Days
21950 MB 3G Data free2 days
323100 MB 3G Data free3 Days
425125MB 2G data4 Days
52660 MB 3G data4 days
635175MB 2G data5 days
738200 MB 6 days 2G data6 Days
843200 MB 30 days whats app28 days
944175 MB 3G Data free6 days
1058300MB 2G data8 days
1159240 MB 3G Data free7 days
1274375MB 2G data11 Days
1395250 MB 3G Data free14 days
1498500MB 2G data14 days
15101260 MB 3G data  and Rs50 talktime (applicable only on 1st recharge)30 days
16102300 MB 3G Data free21 days
171191GB 2G  and  250MB FB  and  250 MB whats app18 Days
18125625MB 2G data18 days
19129500 MB 3G Data free14 days
20147550 MB 3G Data free18 days
21149750MB 2G data21 days
22155525MB 2G data28 days
23158700MB 2G data and  200 Local  and  National SMS21 Days
24159625 MB 3G Data free21 days
251781GB 2G data28 days
261951GB 2G  and  500MB FB28
271971.25 GB. Unlimited 2G data. Controlled speed post free data consumption28 days
28199600 MB 3G Data free25 days
29202600 MB 3G data25 days
302191GB 2G  and  500MB FB  and  500 MB whats app28
 312441GB 3G data  and  Rs25 Talktime (applicable only on 1st recharge)30 days
322473GB 2G data28
332483GB  and  unlimited 2G data. Controlled speed post free data consumption30 days
342491GB 3G data28 days
352591 GB 3G 28 days and  WYNK Plus subcription 30 days28 days
362884 GB 2G data28
372982GB 2G data60 days
383481.5 GB 3G data28 days
393982GB 2G data90 days
404492GB MB 3G Data free28 days
416482.5GB 3G data30 days

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