Airtel today full talk time offer for chennai 2017 2018


110Talktime Rs. 7.73unlimited
220Talktime Rs. 15.47Unlimited
330Talktime Rs. 23.2Unlimited
440Talktime Rs. 31.93unlimited
550Talktime Rs. 40.67Unlimited
660Talktime Rs. 49.4Unlimited
770Talktime Rs. 58.14unlimited
880Talktime Rs. 66.87unlimited
990Talktime Rs. 75.6unlimited
10100Talktime Rs. 84.34unlimited
11110Talktime Rs. 93.07Unlimited
12120Talktime Rs. 101.8unlimited
13130Talktime Rs. 110.54unlimited
14140Talktime Rs. 119.27unlimited
15150Talktime Rs. 128NA
16160Talktime Rs. 136.74unlimited
17170Talktime Rs. 145.47NA
18180Talktime Rs. 154.21unlimited
19190Talktime Rs. 162.94unlimited
20200Talktime Rs. 171.67Unlimited
21210Talktime Rs. 180.41unlimited
22220Talktime Rs. 189.14unlimited
23230Talktime Rs. 212.05Unlimited
24240Talktime Rs. 206.61unlimited
25250Talktime Rs. 245NA
26260Talktime Rs. 224.07unlimited
27270Talktime Rs. 232.81unlimited
28280Talktime Rs. 241.54unlimited
29290Talktime Rs. 250.28unlimited
30300Full Talktime Rs. 300Unlimited
31310Talktime Rs. 267.74unlimited
32340293.94 Rs TalktimeNA
33350Talktime Rs. 350Unlimited
34380Talktime Rs. 328.88unlimited
35390Full Talktime Rs. 390unlimited
36410Talktime Rs  355.08NA
37490Talktime Rs  424.95unlimited
38500Full Talktime Rs  500Unlimited
39550Talktime Rs  477.35NA
40700 Full Talktime Rs  700Unlimited
411000Full Talktime Rs  1000Unlimited
421100 Full Talktime  Rs 957.7unlimited
431500Full Talktime  Rs. 1500Unlimited
443000Full Talktime Rs 3000Unlimited
455000Full Talktime Rs 5000Unlimited
4610000Full Talktime Rs 10000Unlimited

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1107.90 Rs Talktimeunlimited
22015.80 Rs TalktimeUnlimited
33023.70 Rs TalktimeUnlimited
45041.50 Rs TalktimeUnlimited
510086 Rs TalktimeUnlimited
6119119 Full talktime  and  10 Airtel to Airtel Local SMS3 days ( for SMS )
7299299 Full talktime  and  10 Airtel to Airtel Local SMS3 days ( for SMS )

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