GATE Exam Syllabus 2018 PDF Download

GATE Syllabus Download in PDF

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is one of the well known aptitude examinations in the field of engineering and GATE is considered as the standard exam for checking aptitude and qualification of engineering graduates for various purposes like central or state government vacancies or post graduate admissions in various colleges like Indian Institute of Technologies (IIT). So the students who are studying in the final year of engineering undergraduate course and those who have already completed undergraduate degree in Engineering can apply for the GATE exam.

The details about the examination like how to apply and the pattern of exam is given on the official website of the institution that will conduct the exam for the particular year and the students can check the notification and other details on the website. The syllabus and the exam pattern is also available and the students can download the syllabus for each subject separately from the link given below.

1.       General Aptitude (GA)Download syllabus in PDF
2.       Aerospace Engineering(AE)Download syllabus in PDF
3.       Agricultural Engineering AGDownload syllabus in PDF
4.       Architecture and Planning ARDownload syllabus in PDF
5.       BT BiotechnologyDownload syllabus in PDF
6.       CH Chemical EngineeringDownload syllabus in PDF
7.       CY ChemistryDownload syllabus in PDF
8.       CE Civil EngineeringDownload syllabus in PDF
9.       CS Computer Science and Information TechnologyDownload syllabus in PDF
10.   EE Electrical EngineeringDownload syllabus in PDF
11.   EC Electronics and CommunicationsDownload syllabus in PDF
12.   GG Geology and GeophysicsDownload syllabus in PDF
13.   IN Instrumentation EngineeringDownload syllabus in PDF
14.   MA MathematicsDownload syllabus in PDF
15.   ME Mechanical EngineeringDownload syllabus in PDF
16.   MT Metallurgical EngineeringDownload syllabus in PDF
17.   MN Mining EngineeringDownload syllabus in PDF
18.   PE Petroleum EngineeringDownload syllabus in PDF
19.   PH PhysicsDownload syllabus in PDF
20.   PI Production And Industrial EngineeringDownload syllabus in PDF
21.   TF Textile Engineering and Fibre ScienceDownload syllabus in PDF
22.   XE-A (Compulsory for all XE candidates) Engineering MathematicsDownload syllabus in PDF
23.   XE-B Fluid MechanicsDownload syllabus in PDF
24.   XE-C Materials ScienceDownload syllabus in PDF
25.   XE-D Solid MechanicsDownload syllabus in PDF
26.   XE-E ThermodynamicsDownload syllabus in PDF
27.   XE-F Polymer Science and EngineeringDownload syllabus in PDF
28.   XE – G Food TechnologyDownload syllabus in PDF
29.   XE-H: Atmospheric & Ocean ScienceDownload syllabus in PDF
30.   XL-P ChemistryDownload syllabus in PDF
31.   XL-Q BiochemistryDownload syllabus in PDF
32.   XL-R BotanyDownload syllabus in PDF
33.   XL – S MicrobiologyDownload syllabus in PDF
34.   XL – T ZoologyDownload syllabus in PDF
35.   XL – U Food TechnologyDownload syllabus in PDF

Download the syllabus from the links and you can also download the exam pattern and previous year question papers.

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