GATE Syllabus For Civil Engineering 2016

GATE 2016 (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) will conduct for the candidates those who are waiting for joining Post Graduation degree in Engineering. There are 22 papers are available in this GATE exam. Students can select anyone of the paper related to their degree. The candidates are searching for the syllabus for the GATE exam. In our website we provide the details about the important reference books for all papers. Here we have given the syllabus for Civil Engineering paper.

Civil Engineering GATE 2016 Syllabus:

Students can prepare the following chapters for the GATE exam those who are appeared for the Civil Engineering Paper


S.NoChapterTopicsSub Topics
1Engineering MathematicsLinear AlgebraCalculus, Eigen Values and Eigen Vectors, Functions of Single Variable, Matrix Algebra, Systems of Linear equations,  Maxima and Minima, Partial Derivatives, Total Derivatives, Line, Mean Value Theorems, Evaluation of Definite and improper integrals, Vector identities, Gauss and Green’s Theorems
Numerical MethodsSingle and multi step methods of Differential equations, Linear and Non linear algebraic equations, Integration by trapezoidal and Simpson’s rule
Complex VariablesTaylor and Laurent series, Analytic functions, Cauchy’s integral theorem
Differential EquationsLaplace Transforms, Cauchy’s and Euler’s equations, Solutions of one dimensional heat and wave equations, Laplace equations, First order equations, Higher order  linear differential equations
Probability and StatisticsNormal and Binomial distributors, Random variables, Definitions of Probability, Conditional Probability, Mean, Median mode and Standard deviation
2Structural EngineeringSteel StructuresPlastic Analysis of Beams and Frames, Beam column connections, Plate Girders and trusses, Analysis and design of tension compression members
  Structural AnalysisAnalysis of statically determinate trusses, beams, cables and frames, Basic concepts of Matrix methods of structural analysis
  Concrete StructuresProperties of Concrete, basics of mix design, Concrete technology, Concrete design, basic working stress, limit state design, analysis of ultimate load capacity, basic elements of prestressed concrete
  MechanicsStress and strain in two dimensions, principal stresses, Mohr’s circle, stress transformation, simple blending theory, unsymmetrical blending, combined and direct blending stresses
3Water Resources EngineeringHydrologyUnit Hydrographs, Hydrologic cycle, rainfall, evaporation, flood estimation, reservoir and channel routing, Hydrologic cycle, reservoir capacity, stage discharge relationships, infiltration
  IrrigationCrop water requirements, Design of lined and unlined canals, waterways, Types of irrigation methods, Water logging, Sodic soils
  Fluid Mechanics and HydraulicsPrperties of fluids, Principle of conservation of mass, potential flow, flow in pipes, Uniform flow, specific energy concept, Velocity triangle, specific speed of pumps
4Geotechnical EngineeringFoundation EngineeringSub surface investigations, Drilling bore holes, penetration tests, layered soils, plate load test, stability of slopes, infinite slopes
  Soil MechanicsOrigin of soils, Soil classifications, fundamental definitions, Shear strength
5Environmental EngineeringAir pollutionAir pollution methodology, Air pollution control, Air quality standards and limits
  Municipal Solid WastesCollection of Transportation of solid wastes, Characteristics, Generation
  Water requirementsDrinking water standards, primary, secondary and teritiary treatment of   water waste, Quality standards
  Noise PollutionMeasurement of noise and control of noise pollution
6Transpotation EngineeringTraffic EngineeringTraffic signs and signal design, Intersection design, Highway capacity
  Highway PlanningDesign of flexible and rigid pavements, Testing and specifications of paving materials
7SurveyingImportance of Surveying, Classifications, Mapping concepts, Curves 


In our website we have given the details about the syllabus for GATE 2016 and all other details like important reference books and the authors details, online application, etc.,

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