GATE Syllabus for EEE 2016 pdf download

GATE 2016 Syllabus for EEE (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)

GATE 2016 entrance exam will conduct in the month of January and February 2016 for the candidates those who are waiting for joining the Post Graduation degree in Engineering courses. Candidates are searching for the syllabus for the exam. There are various papers are available in the GATE 2016 exam. Candidates can apply for the paper related to the subject which they going to study in the Post Graduation. In our website we have provide the syllabus for all subjects. In this page, you can get the syllabus for EEE (Electrical and Electronics Engineering).


S.NoChapterTopicsSub Topics
1General AptitudeVerbal AbilitySentence Completion, Verbal Analogies, English Grammar, Word Groups, Critical Reasoning, Verbal Deduction
2Electrical EngineeringSignals and SystemsShifting and Scaling operations, Linear, time-Invariant and Casual Systems, Sampling Theorem, Fourier, Laplace and Z Transforms, Continuous and Discrete-time signals
Electrical MachinesSingle Phase Transformer, Phasor diagram, Regulation and efficiency, Three phase transformer, Parallel operation, Three phase induction motors, Performance Characteristics, Starting and Speed control, DC Machines, Energy conversion principles
  Power SystemsCable performance, Basic power generation concepts, Power factor correction, Economic operation, Voltage control, Circuit breakers, System stability concepts
 Control SystemsTransfer Function, Principles of Feedback, Bode Plots, State space model, State transistion matrix, Controllability and Observability, Root loci
Electric circuits and fieldsNode and Mesh analysis, Network graph, Electric field and Potential due to point, Inductance, Capacitance, Ampere’s and Biot-Savart’s laws, Plane and spherical charge distributions, Basic filter concepts
Analog and Digital ElectronicsAmplifiers, Biasing, Equivalent circuit and frequency response, Oscillators and feedback amplifiers, Simple active filters, VCO’s and timers, Combinational and sequential logic circuits, Sample and hold circuits
  Power Electronics and DrivesTransistors, Triacs, Triggering circuits, Bridge convertors, Fully controlled and Half controlled, Phase control rectifiers, Principles of Choppers and inverters Basic concepts of adjustable speed DC and AC drives
Electrical and Electronic MeasurementsMeasurement of voltage, power, current, energy, instrument transformers, Time, Phase and Frequency Measurements, Potentiometric recorder, Digital Voltmeters and Multimeters, Bridges and potentiometers, Induction type instruments, Q-Meters
3Engineering MathematicsComplex variablesCauchy’s integral theorem, Integral formula, Residue theorem, Taylor’s and Laurent series, Analytic functions, Solution integrals
  Transform TheoryLaplace transform, Fourier transform, Z transform
Probability and StatisticsNormal and Binomial distribution, Discrete and continuous distribution, Correlation and regression analysis, Random variables, Sampling theorem, Mean, Median, mode and standard deviation, Conditional Probability
Differential equationsFirst order equation, Higher Order linear differential equation with constant coefficients, Cauchy’s and Euler’s equation, Initial and boundary value, Method of variation parameters
Numerical MethodsSingle and Multistep methods for differential equations, Solutions for non-linear algebraic equations
Linear AlgebraSystems of linear equations, Eigen values and Eigen Vectors, Matrix
CalculusMean value theorems, Vector identities, Directional Derivatives, Maxima and Minima, Multiple integrals, Fourier series, Vector identities, Line, Surface and Volume integrals


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