Kerala Diploma Exam Timetable November December 2016

Kerala Diploma Exam Timetable November December 2016

The Department of Technical Education is the educational board of Kerala offering the course of diploma all over the state. The Department of Technical Education had been founded on the year of 1957 on the month of September on 4th. The DTE had 12 engineering colleges, 49 polytechnic colleges and 39 number of technical high schools under its main affiliation. Also there are 42 garments and tailoring training centres and 17 number of commercial institutes and all are government aided. The polytechnic colleges are higher in number under the affiliation of Kerala Diploma Exam Timetable November December 2016, Kerala as its main course.

Kerala polytechnic Time table 2016 TE diploma exam Oct Nov

The polytechnic colleges had been teaching the diploma course to the students as the students are more in number. So the Department of Technical Education had also offered extra colleges for the course of polytechnic depending upon student’s thoughts. As polytechnic course is three year course, students can study course for three years only and can get jobs in companies. There are good recruitment for polytechnic courses as the course had now turned to a very valuable courses than others. These polytechnic had many courses that are similar to engineering, as the engineering will taught theoretically, not as polytechnic.

TE Kerala Polytechnic Time Table 2016 Diploma Download

The examination schedule for the polytechnic courses will announced as the department had announced the engineering schedule. The department has to work on both the courses as the examinations will conducted in same month, different days. So there will more work to the department as they should do both the works by allotting many staffs. The engineering exams will conducted previously so that polytechnic exams can conducted freely without any pressure in works.

Diploma Polytechnic exam Time Table 2016 Date Sheet

The polytechnic timetable ready and announced by the department as the engineering schedule had announced. On comparing the engineering and polytechnic schedule, there will little difference as the exams will conducted next dates. The next date means after the engineering exam, the polytechnic exam will takes place as this is to make staffs free. When the timetable announced, the students should ask their staffs for timetable or else check it out in internet. The timetables downloaded in the internet only as the timetable will always announced on internet only.

The students can visit the website manually in mobile or computer to download the timetable for their own use at examination. The Kerala Diploma Exam Timetable November December 2016 can available here.

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