Reliance Rate Cutter 2G 3G Internet Full Talk Time Plans 2017 2018 Uttar Pradesh west

Reliance 2g and 3 g internet Mobile Net Pack 2017 2018 Uttar Pradesh west

115125 MB3 days
216Unlimited WhatsApp30 days
329600 MB7 days
442Unlimited usage of Facebook/Facebook Messenger/WhatsApp/Twitter application installed on mobile phone (3rd party browsing  and  Downloading is chargeable)30 days
551350 MB15 days
6651 GB Data, Facebook, Twitter15 days
771100 MB30 days
8991 GB Data, Facebook, Twitter21 days
91243 GB Data Facebook,Twitter  and  Whattsapp28 days
101786 GB Data Facebook,Twitter  and  Whattsapp28 days
11248Unlimited60 days


Reliance Unlimited Message booster and SMS Pack 2017 2018 Uttar Pradesh west

114150 SMS (Local  and  National)days
239500 SMS (Local  and  National)30


All India Minute packs

1193000 Secs(50  minutes) Local and National Minutes4 days
23660 Local and stdmobile minutes free5 days
347Local Reliance Calls  at  20 paise per minute; Other Local and STD Calls  at  40 paise per minute28 days
4783144 Local Reliance Sec/3144 All Local Sec  and  3144 STD Sec28 days
5197400 Local and stdminutes free28 days


Local Minute packs

1151800 Local Seconds Free3 days
23465 Local minutes Free7 days
359110 Local minutes Free14 days
498350 Local minutes free28 days
5148550 local minutes free28 days
6185750 Local minutes free28 days


Local Tariff packs

128Local Reliance calls  at  30 paise per minute; Other Local Calls  at  40 paise per minute28 days
235Local Calls  at  25 paise per minute28 days
352Local Calls  at  30 paise per minute28 days


Combo packs

122Talk time of 22 in Promo account  and  5 local  and National SMS free (Validity for talk time 3 days  and  SMS 30 days)3 days
233Talk time of 33 in Promo account  and  5 local and nationalSMS free (Validity for talk time 5 days  and  SMS 30 days)5 days
344Talk time of 44 in Promo account  and  5 local and nationalSMS free (Validity for talk time 7 days  and  SMS 30 days)7 days
453Talk time of 60 in Promo account  and  1local SMS free4 days
555Talk time of 50 in main account  and  5 SMS free (Validity for SMS 7 days)0
675Talk time of 75 in main account  and  5 SMS free (Validity for SMS 7 days)0
78080 Talktime with 25MB data for 7 days7 days


ILD packs

121UAE – 15 paise per seconds
Qatar-Fixed, Yemen Rep, Saudi Arabia-Mobile – 14 paise per seconds,
USA (ex Puerto Rico, Alaska  and  Hawaii), Canada, Europe Fixed (UK, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, Netherlands) – 2 paise per seconds,
Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan – 12 paise per seconds, Bangladesh – 5 paise per seconds,
China, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong – 3 paise per seconds,
Australia, Belgium, Italy-Mobile, Indonesia, Korea (South), Spain, Saudi Arabia-Fixed, Bahrain, Japan, New Zealand, Kuwait, Germany-Mobile, Malaysia, Netherlands- Mobile, Iran, Oman-Fixed, France-Mobile, Portugal, Vietnam – 10 paise per seconds,
Philippines – 15 paise per seconds,
Qatar-Mobile – 20 paise per seconds, Qatar-Mobile, UK-Mobile – 20 paise per seconds,
Oman-Mobile – 30 paise per seconds
30 days


Local Reliance Minutes packs

124105 Local Reliance minutes free7 days
248250 Local Reliance minutes  and  250 Local Reliance night (11 PM – 6 AM) minutes free10 days
349400 Local Reliance minutes3 days
468300 Local Reliance minutes and 100 Local Reliance Night (11 PM – 6 AM) minutes free21 days
588400 Local Reliance minutes free28 days
696300 Local and National Minutes28 days
796300 Local and National Minutes14 days
8108500 Local Reliance minutes and 200 Local Reliance Night (11 PM – 6 AM) minutes free28 days


Night Calling packs

145Unlimited Local Reliance calls (Only between 11 PM- 6 AM)28 days


One India One rate

141Local and std calls in Home and National Roaming location at 35 paise per minute  and  Incoming Free while National Roaming30 days


Roaming and Tariff Plan

14Home  and  Roaming Location All Local Calls  at  Rs1 per minut eand  STD Calls  at  Rs 1.5 per minute (incoming Calls in Roaming at 75 paise per minute)180 days
25Home  and  Roaming Location All Local  and  STD Calls  at  1.5 paise per second (Free incoming Calls in Roaming)1 days
361100 Roam/Home minutes. (Minutes can be used for any Outgoing/Incoming national call in Roam/Home location)15 days
477All Outgoing Calls  at  1.5 paise per seconds and Incoming Calls free28 days


STD Minute packs

131ALL STD – 25 paise per minute30 days
24685 STD minutes free28 days


STD Tariff plan

18All STD Calls  at  Re 1/3  minutes28 days
221All Local and STD calls at 1 paise per seconds  and  Rs 10 Talktime30 days
326ALL STD – 30 paise per minute28 days


Smart Recharge

12826 GB of 2G Data. Voice tariff  at 1 paise per seconds90 days
248215 GB of 2G Data. Voice tariff  at 1 paise per seconds90 days


Special tariff Recharge

19Unlimited Local Reliance to Reliance ( Mobile  and  landline ) call2 days
257750 minutes Local Reliance to Reliance call28 days
3111Unlimited Reliance to Reliance Local Call and other calls at 25 paise21 days
4128Unlimited Reliance to Reliance Local Call and other calls at 25 paise28 days
5786786 core TT, 786 SMS(30 Days Validity) , 786MB data(30 days Validity)30 days


Unlimited Packs

1195Unlimited Local Reliance calls14 days
2299Unlimited Local Reliance calls28 days
3599Unlimited Local Reliance Calls and 4000 STD Reliance Minutes free28 days
4799UNLIMITED Local Reliance calls  and  10000 STD Reliance minutes  and  Daily 30 other Local and std minutes free.28 days
5995UL Local Onnet , 2000  minutes All Calls , Roaming Incoming Free , 6 GB Data90 days


Reliance Unlimited Full Talk Time and Top up Packs 2017 2018 Uttar Pradesh

110Talktime Rs 7.90Unlimited
220Talktime Rs 15.80Unlimited
330Talktime Rs 23.70Unlimited
440Talktime Rs 32.60Unlimited
550Talktime Rs 41.50Unlimited
660Talktime Rs 50.40Unlimited
770Talktime Rs 59.30Unlimited
880Talktime Rs 68.20Unlimited
990Talktime Rs 77.10Unlimited
10100Talktime Rs 86.00Unlimited
11110Talktime Rs 94.90Unlimited
12120Full Talktime Rs 120Unlimited
13130Talktime Rs 112.70Unlimited
14200Extra Talktime Rs 230Unlimited
15210Talktime Rs 183.90Unlimited
16300Extra Talktime Rs 355.00Unlimited
17500Extra Talktime Rs 600.00Unlimited


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