Reliance Rate Cutter and 2g 3g Plans For Bihar 2017 2018

RELIANCE 2G whats app Internet pack

134400 MB internet free7 days
252600 MB  and  Facebook  and  Twitter FREE10 days
399650 MB  and  Facebook  and  Twitter FREE21 days
41251 GB  and  Whatsapp , Facebook  and  Twitter FREE21 days
51473 GB  and  Whatsapp , Facebook  and  Twitter FREE  and  Upto  TALKTIME of Rs. 14730 days
61783 GB  and  Whatsapp , Facebook  and  Twitter FREE30 days
72486 GB  and  Whatsapp , Facebook  and  Twitter FREE30 days
82826 GB  and  All calls  at 40 paise per minute90 days
92986 GB  and  All calls  at 1 paise per seconds90 days
1048215 GB  and  All calls  at 40 paise per minute90 days


RELIANCE 3G whats app Internet Pack

15750 MB  and  Rs.47  TALKTIME30 days
2741 GB  and  Facebook  and  Twitter FREE5 days
3941 GB  and  Whatsapp, Facebook  and  Twitter FREE15 days
497300 MB internet free30 days
5981 GB internet free2 days
6116125 MB  and  Rs.100  TALKTIME30 days
7123400 MB internet free30 days
8156600 MB internet free30 days
91771 GB  and  Whatsapp, Facebook  and  Twitter FREE  and  Upto 1GB30 days
102471GB  and  Rs.150  TALKTIME30 days
112752 GB internet free30 days
124482GB  and  Rs.300  TALKTIME30 days
134755.5 GB internet free30 days
146016.5 GB internet free90 days
156493 GB internet free30 days
168495 GB internet free30 days
179496 GB internet free30 days
1810998 GB internet free30 days
19129910 GB internet free30 days
20149912 GB internet free90 days
21174915 GB internet free30 days
22299930 GB internet free180 days


RELIANCE 3G Internet Pack only on mobile

14423 GB  and  All calls  at 40 paise per minute90 days
27426 GB  and  All calls  at 40 paise per minute90 days


RELIANCE SMS Packs for Bihar 2017 2018

114Free 160 SMS (Local and National) – 100 SMS per day10 days
239475 Local  and National SMS30 days


All India minute Pack

11540 Local  and  STD minutes to any network, valid for 2 days (Day of recharge  and  1 day)2 days


All India  plan

113All  local and std Calls 1.1 paise per seconds30 days
217Local R-R  at  30 paise per minute  and  other local at 45 paise per minute14 days
347All call  at  5 paise per 7 seconds30 days
4111All calls at 25 paise per minute (Local / STD to any operators)90 days


Local minute Pack

12342 Local  minutes4 days
24460 Local Minutes.7 days
388140 Local Minutes14 days
4148450 Local minutes28 days
5208750 Local minutes28 days


Local Tariff  Pack

135Local Calls  at  30 paise per minute28 days
254All local call 25 paise per minute30 days


Combo Pack

11818  minutes of Local R-R for 3 days  and  Get Full Talktime on Rs. 20, 30, 50.30 days
222Full Talk time  and  22 local SMS Free3 days
333Full Talk time  and  33 local SMS Free5 days
446Full Talk time  and  46 local SMS Free7 days
550Full Talk timeLifetime
655Full Talk time  and  5 local SMSLifetime
775Full Talk time  and  5 local SMSLifetime
8101F TALKTIME(Promo)  and  All Local  and  STD Calls  at  30 paise per minute  and  100 MB Data10 days
9110Full Talk timeLifetime
10150Full Talk timeLifetime
11222Talk time of 244 in main account  and  50 MB Data free (Validity for data 30 days)0 days
12301F TALKTIME(Promo)  and  All Local  and  STD Calls  at  25 paise per minute30 days
13333Talk time of Rs 366  and  75 MB Data ( Data val for 30 Days)Lifetime
14444Talk time of Rs 488  and  100 MB Data ( Data val for 30 Days)Lifetime
15555Talk time of Rs 600Lifetime



Local reliance minute Pack

12485 local Reliance minutes free4 days
242160 local Reliance minutes free14 days
365230 local Reliance minutes free15 days
495400 local Reliance minutes free28 days
5149900 Local Reliance minutes free28 days


Local Reliance tariff plan

136Local Reliance Calls  at  20 paise per minute for 28 days ;1st minutes charged  at  72 paise28 days
286Local  RELIANCE TO RELIANCE Calls at 10 paise per minute30 days


Night Calling  plan

129Local Reliance Calls at 5 paise per minute (Only between 11:00 PM to 06:00 AM)21 days

One India one rate

146 local and std calls in Home and National Roaming location at 40 paise per minute  and  Incoming Free while National Roaming30 days


Roaming Pack

14Home  and  Roaming Location all Local Calls at Rs1 per minute  and  STD Calls at Rs 1.5 per minute (incoming Calls in Roaming at 75 paise per minuteute)180 days
231Roam FREE  and  Outgoing roaming at  1 paise per seconds21 days
346Incoming Roaming FREE  and  Outgoing Local and STD  at  40  paise per minute30 days
461150 Roam  and Home  minutes free7 days


STD Packs

111STD calls at Rs.1.3 per 3  minutes14 days
225STD Calls  at  40 paise per minute25 days
34175 STD minutes free28 days


Smart Recharge plans

1291Special Promo Benefit of 6 GB of 2G Data. Voice tariff  at 1 paise per seconds. Only for new acquisition90 days
2441Special Promo Benefit of 3 GB of 3G Data. Voice tariff  at 1 paise per seconds. Only for new acquisition90 days
3491Special Promo Benefit of 15 GB of 2G Data. Voice tariff  at 1 paise per seconds. Only for new acquisition180 days
4741Special Promo Benefit of 6 GB of 3G Data. Voice tariff  at 1 paise per seconds. Only for new acquisition180 days


Special Tariff vouchers

145All  RELIANCE TO RELIANCE call (Local  and  STD)  at 15 paise per minute  and  all others calls (Local  and  STD)  at 30 paise per minute28 days


Unlimited Pack

2299UNLIMITED Local Reliance calls28 days
3599Unlimited Local Reliance calls  and  4000 STD Reliance  minutes28 days
4799UNLIMITED Reliance local calls and 10000 Reliance STD min Free and Daily 30 min to other local and std free.28 days
5895Unlimited Local Onnet, 600 Local and STD  minutes, 2GB of 2G Data, Incoming Roaming FREE90 days
61495Unlimited Local Onnet, 2000 Local and STD  minutes, 6GB of 2G Data, Incoming Roaming FREE90 days
749958 lacs  local and std seconds, 12 GB of 2G Data180 days


Reliance full talktime offer today for Bihar 2017 2018

110Talktime Rs 7.90Unlimited
220Talktime Rs 15.80Unlimited
330Talktime Rs 23.70Unlimited
440Talktime Rs 32.60Unlimited
550Talktime Rs 45.00Unlimited
660Full Talktime Rs 60Unlimited
770Talktime Rs 59.30Unlimited
880Talktime Rs 68.20Unlimited
990Talktime Rs 77.10Unlimited
10100Talktime Rs 86.00Unlimited
11110Full Talktime Rs 110Unlimited
12120Talktime Rs 103.80Unlimited
13150Full Talktime Rs 150Unlimited
14200Talktime Rs 175.00Unlimited
15300Talktime Rs 264.00Unlimited
16400Talktime Rs 353.00Unlimited
17500Talktime Rs 442.00Unlimited


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