TNDTE diploma exam time table October/November 2014

Tamilnadu diploma department has started the odd semester classes for the students from 2nd June 2014 and this semester are till continue up to the 19th September 2014. This date is for the second and third year students. For the first year students the classes are started from 7th July 2014 and these classes are ended on 24th October 2014. Now the students are going to the colleges for the regular classes. In this the internal examination will be conducted for the students. These internal marks will decide the student’s percentage.

For the tamilnadu diploma exam October/November 2014 the students has to pay the exam fees to the DOTE. The students can pay their exam fees through the colleges itself no need to go to the DOTE to pay for the exam fees. The college will collect the exam amount and they have to paid to the DOTE. If the student not pay the exam fees means that candidates is not eligible for writing the examination. So the students are asked to pay their exam amount quickly as soon as possible.

The exam fees to be paid without fine date is 01.08.2014 and you can pay your exam fees with fine 100rs that date is 11.08.2014. If the students misses the both opportunity don’t feel about it you can pay through tatkal method for the tatkal last date is 15.09.2014. After this date the students cannot able to pay their exam amount in any mode. The above said exam fees payment dates is to the  second and third year students only. For the first year students the exam feeswill be paid without fine the last date is 17.09.2014 and the last date for exam fees with fine 100rs is 24.09.2014 and the last date for tatkal is 09.10.2014. This information is given to you as per the tentative schedule of the TNDTE. TNDTE can change this dates.

After this exam fees payment the practical exam is started for the students on the date of 30.09.2014 this for the second and third year students. Before that the hall tickets are issued to the students to write their practical and theory exam. For the second and third year the theory exam will be started from 17.10.2014 for the first year students the exams are started from 31.10.2014.

The TNDTE has announced the tamilnadu polytechnic exam timetable oct/nov 2014 for the 1st, 2nd,3rd year students. In this time table the students can get their TNDTE exam timetable oct/nov 2014 in department wise/. If you want to download your time table click this below link.

Click here for the result

Click here to know more about exam result

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  24. Aju Thomas says:

    I need all time table of EEE departmental exam. please mail me

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  38. rony says:

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