Unlimited 2g and 3g gprs internet packs list for himachal Pradesh 2015 whats app plans

2g 3g gprs plan for himachal Pradesh 2015
If you are searching for a unlimited 2g data pack
here there is an unlimited 2g plan is available for just Rs.198 it validity is
one month or if you want the 2 months 2g gprs pack means that also available in
the below tableland the below table contains many number of 2g gprs plans like
5 days validity, one week validity like that. So please your data pack and keep
enjoying with internet.
12290 MB 3G data free3 Days
225125 MB 2G data free4 days
333125 MB 3G data free4 days
435175 MB 2G data free5 days
541175 MB whatsapp and 25 MB 2G data free30 days
642150 MB 3G Data free7 days
757200 MB 2G  and  50 MB facebook  and whatsapp each7 days
871100 MB 2G Internet free7 days
972350 MB 2G Data free10 days
1091250 MB 2G Internet free10 days
1197300 MB 3G internet free14 days
1298500 MB 2G Data free14 days
13125500 MB 2G internet  and  100 MB whatsapp and facebook ecah14 days
14129Wynk Freedom Unlimited Music upto 2.5 GB30 days
15144300 MB 3G internet  and  100 MB whatsapp  and facebook ecah14 days
16147500 MB 3G internet free21 days
17155750 MB 2G internet free21 days
181751 GB 2G data free28 days
19195750 MB 3G internet free28 Days
20198Unlimited Data (1.25 GB facebook  and whatsapp)28 days
21245Unlimited Data (2 GB facebook  and whatsapp)28 days
222491 GB 3G internet28 days
232591 GB 3G internet28 days
242971 GB 3G internet  and  200 MB whatsapp  and facebook ecah28 days
254492 GB 3G internet free28 days
266483GB  and  after 3GB unlimited at 80kbps speed28 days
277494GB  and  after 4GB unlimited at 80kbps speed28 days
288495GB  and  after 5GB unlimited at 80kbps speed28 days
299496GB  and  after 6GB unlimited at 80kbps speed28 days
3012499GB  and  after 9GB unlimited at 80kbps speed28 days
31154912GB  and  after 12GB unlimited at 80kbps speed28 days

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