vodafone 2g 3g gprs internet plans for telangana 2017 2018

vodafone 2g 3g gprs internet unlimietd validity packs for telangana 2017 2018

1525 MB free 2G data24 hours
2735 MB free 2G data24 hrs
381 GB Free 2G data between 00:00 to 6:00 AM on USSD1 day
418100 MB free 2G Data2 days
527150 MB free 2G Data3 days
643150 MB free 3G data7 days
746250 MB free 2G data7 days
871350 MB free 2G Data7 days
998500 MB free 2G Data14 days
10102300 MB free 3G data4 weeks
11143Unlimited Blackberry Messenger30 days
12147500 MB free 3G data28 days
13155525 MB free 2G Data4 weeks
141741 GB free 2G data4 weeks
151981.25 GB free 2G Data at 2G speed and Unlimited at 40kbps4 weeks
162493 GB UL  and  768 MB Free28 days
172511 GB free 3G data4 weeks
184492 GB  and  512 MB Free28 days
19451Unlimited Blackberry Internet Service and  BBM  and  10 Email Accounts30 days
206503GB free 3G data at 3G speed and Unlimited at 64 kbps4 weeks
218505 GB free 3G data60 days

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