Vodafone full talktime daily offer for delhi 2017 2018

Vodafone latest full talktime offer today for Gujarat 2017 2018

Full talktime for delhi 2017 2018
 120Talktime Rs 15.8Unlimited
 223Talk Time Rs.18.47 and Combo: Get maximum Talktime on recharging and 1 local Vodafone Night minute (which can be used between 11pm to 8 am). Night minute will be valid for 24Hrs from the time of rechargeUnlimited
 330Talktime Rs 23.70Unlimited
 440Talktime Rs 32.60Unlimited
 550Talktime Rs 41.50Unlimited
 651Talktime Rs 51 and 50 MB 3G Data freeUnlimited
 760Talk time Rs.50.40 and Surprise Talktime  up to Rs 100Unlimited
 870Talktime Rs  60.3Unlimited
 990Talktime Rs  77.10Unlimited
 10100Talktime Rs  86Unlimited
 11110Talktime Rs  94.90Unlimited
 12120Talktime Rs  103.80Unlimited
 13140Talktime Rs  121.60Unlimited
 14150Talktime Rs 130.50Unlimited
 15160Talktime Rs 139.40Unlimited
 16245Talktime Rs 218.05  , one night minute freeUnlimited
 17250Talktime Rs 250Unlimited
 18295Talktime Rs 295,One night minutes freeUnlimited
 19300Talktime Rs 300Unlimited
 20305Talktime Rs 271.45  one night minute freeUnlimited
 21350Talktime Rs 350Unlimited
 22351Talktime Rs 351Unlimited
 23375Talktime Rs 375, one night minute freeUnlimited
 24450Talktime Rs 450Unlimited
 25500Talktime Rs 500Unlimited
 26501Talktime Rs 501Unlimited
 27555Talktime Rs 555, one night minute freeUnlimited
 28700Talktime Rs 700Unlimited
 29750Talktime Rs 750Unlimited
 30900Talktime Rs 801Unlimited
 311000Talktime Rs 1000Unlimited
 321200Talktime Rs 1200 on first Recharge.Unlimited
 331001Talktime Rs 1001Unlimited
 341500Talktime Rs 1500Unlimited
 353000Talktime Rs 3000Unlimited
 364000Talktime of 3559.99Unlimited
 375000Talktime of 4449.9Unlimited
 386000Talktime of 5339.9Unlimited
 397000Talktime of 6229.9Unlimited
 408000Talktime of 7119.9Unlimited
 419000Talktime of 8009.9Unlimited
 4210000Talktime Rs 8899.0Unlimited

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