Vodafone new rate cutter plans for local isd std packs in rajasthan 2017 2018

Rate cutter plan latest updated 2017 2018


15Unlimited usage on BlackBerry Messenger and 10 Local and National SMS1 day
27Unlimited Local Vodafone to Vodafone minutes free1 day
31560 Local Vodafone minutes free2 days
421210 Local VODAFONE TO VODAFONE Night  minutes from 11pm to 7 am2 weeks
522All Mobile STD calls at 35 paise per minute, first minute of the call at 60paise4 weeks
62444 All Local Minutes free4 days
727Etop and Online Recharge – Caller Tune Service with 3 free songs. Paper Voucher Mode – 10 paise per minute Local Vodafone calls30 days
829All Local and STD mobile calls  at 1 paise per second4 weeks
931STD calls  at 35 paise per minute28 days
1036Local VODAFONE TO VODAFONE calls at 30 paise per minute4 weeks
1139STD mobile calls  at 25 paise per minute for 150 minutes, thereafter 50 paise per minute4 weeks
1241All calls to Gulf countries at 14 paise per second (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain), US/Canada Calls at 6 paise per second.8 weeks
1342All Local and STD Mobile INCOMING on Roaming at 0.5 paise per second, All Local and STD Mobile OUTGOING calls at 1.5 paise per second on Vodafone Network.30 days
1445180 Local VODAFONE TO VODAFONE minutes free5 days
1547All Local and STD mobile calls  at 45 paise per minute4 weeks
1658All Local Mobile calls at 35 paise per minute, STD at 60 paise per minute, All Landlines at Re1 per minute. First Local minute of the day at Rupees 11 week
1759All Local Vodafone to Vodafone at 20 paise per minute4 weeks
1864All Local Mobile Calls  at 35 paise per minute4 weeks
1965105 Local and STD Minutes10 days
2075All Local and STD mobile calls  at 45 paise per minute45 days
2176Free Incoming On Roaming with Vodafone network.30 days
2277All Local Mobile Calls at 35 paise per minute, STD Mobile calls  at 45 paise per minute and All Landline calls  at Rupess14 weeks
23101180 Local and  STD Minutes20 days
24109All Local Vodafone to Vodafone mobile calls at 10 paise per minute4 weeks
25110220 Local Vodafone to Vodafone Minutes Free4 weeks
26145All Local and STD mobile calls  at 45 paise per minute12 weeks
27149250 All Local mobile minutes28 days
28178All Local Vodafone Mobile Calls  at 20 paise per minute12 weeks
29195All Local Mobile Calls  at 35 paise per minute,12 weeks
30199395 Local and STD Minutes4 weeks
31205460 Local and STD Min4 weeks
32299760 All Local Minutes4 weeks
33344500 Local and STD Minutes, 250 Local and STD SMS, 1GB 2G Data valid 15 days, Post Free Usage, Local Mobile calls at 30 paise per minute, STD at 50 paise per minute, SMS at 50 paise15 days
346771000 Local and STD Minutes, 500 Local and STD SMS, 2GB 2G Data valid 30 days, Post Free minutes, Local Mobile calls at 30 paise per minute, STD at 50 paise per minute, SMS at 50 paise30 days
35786Full Talk time of Rs.786, and, ISD calling for Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudia Arabia, UAE  at 14 paise per second and US, Canada  at 6 paise per second56 days


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