Vodafone new rate cutters for local,std,isd,unlimited free calling packs in bihar & Jharkhand 2014-2015

Rate cutters for bihar & Jharkhand 2015
 159 Local and STD  minutes free1 day
 27Local VODAFONE TO VODAFONE unlimited free between Night 00:01 to 06:00 AM1 day
 311Free 20 Local STD minutes2 days
 415All Local VODAFONE TO VODAFONE calls and 1GB 2G Data from 12AM-6AM only through USSD12AM-6AM
 517Local Vodafone calls 30 Paise per minute and Other Local calls 45 Paise per minute.14 days
 618Combo Recharge2 days
 722All local and STD calls at 1 Paise per second.30 days
 823120 local Vodafone minutes3 days
 92442 Local  minutes free4 days
 1025Combo Recharge 253 days
 1129Rs.1 per 3 minutes for all STD call in any network across India30 days
 1231Talktime Rs.24.59 and 5 VODAFONE TO VODAFONE Night  minutes2 days
 1332Combo Recharge 32NA
 1433Local Vodafone calls 30 Paise per minute and Other Local calls 45 Paise per minute.30 days
 153535 Paise per minute local calling  free21 days
 1636All local Vodafone calls at 20 Paise per minute between 10pm to 5pm and 1.2 Paise per second between 5pm to 10pm30 days
 1737China at Rs3.49, Singapore and Thailand at Rs3.99, Nepal, Bangladesh and Kuwait at Rs8.49 per minute, UAE at Rs8.99 and Qatar at Rs10.99 per minute.30 days
 1839Local Vodafone calls 1.2 paise per 2 second and Other Local calls 1.8 paise per 2 seconds.30 days
 1943All STD calls  at 2 paise per 3 second90 days
 2044All Local calls 1.1 Paise per second.90 days
 2145Unlimited local VODAFONE TO VODAFONE night  minutes from 11pm to 6am30 days
 2248All Local Vodafone calls  at 20 Paise per minute30 days
 2349200 local Vodafone to Vodafone minutes free.7 days
 2451Combo Recharge 51NA
 2552Combo Recharge 52NA
 2654Local Vodafone calls 1.2 paise per 2 second and Other Local calls 1.8 paise per 2 second. First min of the day will be charged  at  72 Paise per minute.56 days
 2755All Local calls 30 Paise per minute30 days
 2857All Incoming calls while roaming  at  30 Paise per minute first 30 days  and 70 Paise per minute and outgoing Calls Local and STD  at  90 Paise per minute150 days
 2961Combo Recharge Rs 61NA
 3063All Local  and STD calls 35 Paise per minute30 days
 3168Combo Recharge Rs 68NA
 3285300 local onnet  minutes for 14 days14 days
 3388All local Vodafone calls at 10 Paise per minute30 days
 34101200 Local  minutes30 days
 35105Local Vodafone 30 Paise per minute, Local Others calls at 45 Paise per minute.Validity-90days90 days
 36111Combo Recharge Rs 111NA
 37156Talktime recharge for new customers only.1024MB data. All calls  at 1.2 Paise per second30 days
 38196Combo Recharge 196
 39222500 Free Local and STD minute to any Network30 days
 402491425 Local Vodafone to Vodafone Minutes free30 days
 412994000 Local Vodafone Minutes free30 days
 42349Unlimited local Vodafone calls  free30 days

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