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VSAT Important Date Eligibility Criteria Application Download 2017 2018

The VSAT which is the entrance test conducted by the Vignan University as this entrance exam is conducted mainly for the purpose of offering engineering to the students who are willing to join the university to study engineering. For this, the students should have earned good marks in the higher secondary examinations so that the students must have good knowledge in engineering and mainly in the aptitude of many main subjects. If a student have a good knowledge in the aptitude, he/she will be surely able to qualify the VSAT examination and hence to get good engineering courses in their college.

Important Dates for VSAT 2017

  • The first thing for VSAT examinations is to get application forms in which the application forms can be bought in the university and also in university affiliated stores which will be available in these places from the third week of November 2016.
  • The applications which had been bought by the students are asked to fill the applications so that the applications should be given to the university within the second week of April 2017.
  • The examinations which will be conducted as online test so that the students have to answer the questions asked in the computer so that the online test is going to be conducted on the third week of April 2017 which will be conducted up to 4 days and so on.
  • The result is to be viewed by the students after the completion of the exam so that the students can check the results in internet only in which the results will be posted on the internet on first week of May.

Qualification for VSAT 2017

The students who have finished their 12th standard with good percentage of marks which should be minimum 60% marks can be able to write the examination. The students must be well possessed in the aptitude knowledge and should answer the questions from the main subjects from higher secondary so that these main subjects will be helpful in the engineering courses so that the engineering courses will also have some main subjects in the first year as the subjects are mathematics, chemistry and physics and so on.

Instructions to Students

The application should be handed over to the university so that the application will be reviewed by the staff in the university and hence the staff will make some process to the students in order to get the student their admit card. The admit card for the students which can be downloaded online will be for the students who have passed application review by the staff. Hence the admit card will be given to the students in which the admit card must be brought during the time of examination.

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